Little's Life

Little's Life

Thursday, July 30, 2009

Isabella's future ex-boyfriend

So today Ultrasound Lady said I'm just barely 14 weeks. So that would move my due date to January 28, 2010. I'm writing in pink today in defiance. Andrew was NOT cooperative at the ultrasound today. He turned his back to us the entrie time and refused to roll over - he even tucked his legs underneath himself and crossed his ankles. Takes after me already....eesh. Lady did manage to catch one glimpse of his nub from the side and one from underneath his pelvis and said they both look like he's a boy. So firetrucks and toy police badges instead of ballet slippers and headbands for us. Hopefully at the 20 wk ultrasound we'll get a 100% gender instead of a 90%
When Ultrasound Lady had him in the live 3d view, we got to see him raise his arms up and try to hide his face. It was adorable! I could not believe what we were watching on the screen was actually happening in my belly. It's insane how a person can flail around inside you but you not be able to feel it. 2 more weeks and I might be able to start feeling those little butterflys fluttering around in there.

Jayme brought something up the other day - she said if I have a boy then the Soller-Gibson-Palmer friendship could continue on another generation. Scott - you might need to get on it. We're missing the O'Neal link in that chain. Isabella Mears - looks like I'm having your future ex-boyfriend!

Here are the little Alien's pictures from today.

This is the shot from under the pelvis

Here you can see that it's angled straight out

Chillin' on his side
Tot's camera shy - he's hiding his face AND his parts!

This was when we got to watch him move his arms and nuzzle into his hands

I like this one bc it looks like he's wearing socks. Guess it's too early to tell if he'll have his dad's crazy monkey flexi feet.

AW CRAP! I forgot to save the 3d color scan onto the thumb drive! Well I'll just have to redo that one tomorrow.

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  1. Ok, this is the second time I'm leaving this message cause my stupid dial-up cut me off the first time. Let's see if I can repeat my rambling....

    It is definitely a boy. That first pic looks just like Setler's did! You will LOVE having a boy, Katherine! (I just called you Katherine! Didn't think the day would come....)Seriously! Little boys love their Mommies like nobody's business. And, they are just as much fun to dress up and show off. (Although stores don't know that I guess cause girl stuff always oozes over into the boy section!) And, you are still the only Queen of the household. AND, he will carry on the family name...after a wedding that you don't have to pay for. That being said, I want a girl next since I already have my darling son, but if I end up with a household full of testosterone, that is A-OK with me!