Little's Life

Little's Life

Monday, July 27, 2009


Anyone else see the resemblance?

Oh what have I gotten myself into?........................

Here's the belly this morning. I figure I'll take the pictures in the same outfit as long as possible so we can actually see the difference each time. The last one was at what we thought was 14 weeks but it was most likely 12. This one is 16 weeks according to my midwife but closer to 14 according to Ultrasound Lady. I have another ultrasound on Thursday and my 16 week check up on Friday (which will probably have to be redone 2 weeks later) so between those two appts, we should have a better idea of what week I'm on then.

Hey look at that - I have a face. I think I'm growing this kid in my thighs.

********Edit! Turns out I'm 13 weeks in those pictures!

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