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Little's Life

Monday, July 13, 2009

Almost Roadkill

Ok so this is a little late, but here's what happened to me on Thursday (July 09).

I was minding my own, walking through the commissary parking lot (for you civilians out there, the commissary is the Base's grocery store) when all of the sudden something rammed into my left arm and ribs. A bagger came running over and asked if I was ok - I was so confused....of course I'm ok....why wouldn't I be? Then I came to my senses and realized that I was leaning against a car. I thought, "Oh my gosh do NOT tell me I just walked into a parked car!!!!!!!" but then I noticed brake lights. SO, genius that I am, I deduced that -- HOLY CRAP!!! That car just hit me!!!!!!! My next thought was "Must.Get.Out.Of.Way." so I wondered over to the sidewalk and watched the lady who just smacked into me finish backing out with no other casualties and pull to the far end of the parking lot, opposite from me. Coming further to my senses, I grabbed my phone and called Sam. It went something like this:

K: Hey Babe - you are NEVER going to guess what just happened to me!

S: What?

K: I just got hit by a car.

S: Are you ok? Where's the car?

K: No, Bay, the CAR didn't get hit, I got hit - ME!! I was in the parking lot and some jack*** ran into me!

**K can hear the dinging of a car door opening through the phone**

S: Are you ok? Where are you?

K: At the commissary

S: Where's the car that hit you?

K: Still sitting at the opposite end of the parking lot. I think she's scared - she just hit a person.

S: Did you get her name?

K: No, she never got out of the car. Actually she didn't so much as roll down the window to see if I was ok!

S: What?!! Did you get her license plate?

**K squints like Mr Magoo knowing full well she can't read a license plate that far away**

K: No, I was too shocked to do anything but get out of the way. She's pulling out of the parking lot now - she's headed down that road that leads from here to the PX.

S: I'm going to try to find her. That's a felony hit & run charge.

K: It is? Are you sure? I'm not even hurt! I don't want her put in jail, I just need her to realize she just ran into a pregnant lady who happens to married to a Federal Agent --- OOOO!!! Go get her and scare the shadoobs out of her!!!!!!!!!!

S: I'm trying.

He never found her, didn't expect to since he was a few minutes behind her. We both agreed that I am a terrible witness. So if any of you are ever victims of a crime, I hope I am not with you as I am completely usesess in those instances. Anyway, Mr had the MPs put a BOLO out on the description of her car and they actually offered to pull over every single 4 door rounded dark green vehicle they can find on post. Nice, huh? I told them not to worry about it. They'll never find the right car.

So that was my fun day! I'm fine, I promise!!!!!

For those of you wondering what I look like with a Tater Tot in my belly, here ya go. This is me this morning - 14 weeks preggers (that's 3.5 months for the mathematically challenged).

********EDIT! Turns out this picture is week 11.5

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