Little's Life

Little's Life

Thursday, August 27, 2009

And the sun shall shine again!!!!!!

I'M FREEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! No more ERA Chappell & Associates Realty, LLC for me!!!!!!!!!!!! I am officially done working for the worst boss of my entire life!!!! OH MAN is it a relief!!!!!! I finally get to stop the inevitable bad mood that creeps in at about 8:30 every mon-fri morning!
Thought you all would like to see the filth I had to work in:
Here's his desk - note the piles of paperwork, client folders, and lunch remnants all over the floor.
and here's the conference room - why yes, that IS an empty beer bottle and martini glass right on the table that clients sign their contracts on!
Guess who is NOT going to be our realtor when it comes time to sell this house?

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Liar, Liar - Pants on Fire!

So Sunday, Aug. 15th I found out I'm living in a den of liars.
And by "liars" I mean the BEST husband, friends, and family a girl could ever wish for.

Sam took me over to Sherry and Bob from Bob Miller Insurance's house to pick up a present we had left there the day before (and by "left" I mean Sherry hid it from me in a closet) OR SO I THOUGHT. We parked the car and walked to the door when I noticed a white Crown Vic in the driveway. I jokingly asked Sam, "Is my mom here?" expecting him to laugh. Instead he said "I don't know" and turned his head. "Ok..........IS my mom here? I should have looked at the license plate", I thought. I was so lost in thought that I didn't notice the huge blue bow on the house or the IT'S A BOY! flag in the yard. Sherry opens the door, takes my arm, and leads me towards the great room......Sherry never leads me towards the great room, we always head to the kitchen..... I just looked at her and said "Sherry - what did you do?" still trying to figure out why my mom would be here. I thought it was just going to be her in the living room. I saw through the doorway and there was Jayme, my mom, Sam's Mamaw, Amy and a bunch of other faces gathered in Sherry's living room to throw me a surprise baby shower! I promptly turned around and walked straight back to Sam and burst into tears. I COULD NOT BELIEVE IT! I still can't believe everyone did that. I heard my mom tell everyone she knew I'd leave and my sister said she thought I was just crying (ding ding ding!).

Walking back in the room still wiping away tears.

After I went back in and said "Hi" to everyone and told Mammaw Charlotte that I was so glad her not inviting me to lunch was just a ploy and not her first ever attempt at meanness, we moved into the kitchen.

The beautiful cake the Millers got us

That plate says "For this child we prayed"

Sam is hiding his beer!

Christie and I
I hadn't seen my sister since before I got pregnant so I asked her how I looked - what I meant was, how did it feel to see your sister with a baby bump? I'm sure you all expect me to now say that Christie said "You look great!" or "I just can't believe my baby sister is going to be a mommy!" or something sweet like that. WELP - that's not Christie. Nope, instead she said "Honestly? I'm just not used to seeing you like that (stretches her hands out wide) from the back!" She also offered to take a picture of me from behind so I could have visual proof that I was turning into a fat (insert your farm animal of choice here). Thanks, Sis. I'm 18 weeks pregnant - 4.5 months - I think I look damn good for being halfway through a pregnancy, thank you very much. I haven't been on a scale in 2.5 weeks but at my last Dr's appt July 30 I had only gained 5 pounds. I think I'm probably up to about 8 now total. Hello, I'm still wearing my usual jeans!!!!!!!! Yes, they are tighter now but I can't have gained more than 10 pounds since they still close comfortably! SHEESH. She later exclaimed "You were at the pool all day yesterday and you didn't get any sun!?!?" So now I'm fat and pale. Awesome.

Ashley was a few minutes late, can you tell I was excited to see her?

Ashley and TeenyTiny (Isabella)
Me and TeenyTiny

Mister and TeenyTiny

Let the unwrapping begin!
How Sam spent most of the shower - he thought he was going to get to hide out downstairs and watch golf with the other husbands. bwahahaha

Sara Beth and her Chloe
Making Sherry cry

CAR SEAT! All is forgiven, Sis!!!!

I fell in LOVE with this dinosaur that Mamaw (my mom's mom) gave us. It is so soft! The colors all coordinate with the ones already in my house and the little stitched circles on his belly are so cute that I have decided to base the entire nursery on them. I'm taking the dino with me to shop for linens and paint!

Mammaw Charlotte

Jayme, Debbie, and Judy
I love these socks! We got 2 pair!
Kyle & Nathan taking a break from watching the golf game

How cool is Ashley?! Skulls instead of cartoons!

This one cracks me up - he's telling me not to pull out the stroller bc he doesn't want to have to put it back in the box for me. You can see how I reacted.
It says "I love my mommy"!

Christie needed more camera time!

Nathan and TeenyTiny on thier 1st date

It was such a great afternoon! (Minus, of course, when Sam's dad screamed out to the entire group that Andrew was going to be a "t-***-y baby". Those of you who know me know exactly how I feel about that word. For it to be used in connection to me and my child? Absolutely mortifying and offensive.) But for that blemish, it was amazing.
I can't thank you all enough. I just can't believe how much love was in that house for me and Sam and Andrew. We are so blessed to have each one of you in our lives and it just blows me away to think that maybe you all feel that way about us, too. I'm going to cry now, and I'm at work...lovely.
Sam - you are my hero in every sense of the word. You hear me say it alot in reference to your Army service but I mean it in all aspects of our life together. Who else has a husband that is so set on providing for her that he's the one who comes up with the idea to surprise her with a baby shower? You are the best husband anyone could ever ask for and I am so excited that Andrew will get to have you for his father. I love you with every ounce of me.
Ashley and Jayme - YOU GUYS ROCK!!!!! (and stink for keeping it from me). Thank you SO much for helping pull this all together. Sam said you even tried to contact Franky (she's super hard to reach, even for me)! You two are going to be amazing Aunts for Tot. And now let's all 3 swear that when Andrew and Nathan are fighting over TeenyTiny in 15 or 20 years that we'll let them handle it themselves and not be sore losers! HAHAHAHAH!
Sherry & Bob from BMI - there is NO way I can possibly write how wonderful you are. We love you SOSOSOSOSOSOSO much! Thank you for hosting our shower. Thank you for the beautiful decorations and the cake and letting us all invade your home and for loving us like we are your own. None of those words feel large enough to really tell you what I hold in my heart for you.
Now never do that to me ever again!

Monday, August 10, 2009

Echooooooo (Echo echo echoooo)

Is anybody out there? It says I have 11 followers and sometimes some of you comment on FB about this but nobody ever comments on here. So I have no idea if anyone is actually reading this or if I'm just a-typin' away to myself. So.....? Leave a comment so I know you're out there?

Saturday, August 1, 2009

The Disgruntled Midwife

Here's the color shot I forgot to upload last time.He looks like he's wearing boxing gloves. Thank goodness his eyeballs are in the sockets now. Last week was kinda creepy with the black holes on his face and the eye pods on the side of his head. Now we just gotta get those ears in the right place!

So I went to Midwife yesterday for my 16 week checkup. I showed her the picture and told her that Ultrasound Lady said I was barely 14 weeks. Midwife huffed and puffed and blew her office down. She sputtered out stuff about Ultrasound Lady not being allowed to diagnose, she's just supposed to take pictures, and this and that. I explained to her why USL told me I was measuring small and Midwife calmed down a bit....for about 10 seconds. Then she jumped up and ran to the phone to call radiology to get me a Dating Ultrasound appointment. She said I need it as soon as possible or the 16-20.5 week window could close before my triple screen/down's syndrome tests can be done. Midwife said if I'm truly only 14 weeks and we did the tests today, the chance for false positive results is alot higher. (Now aren't we glad USL overstepped her bounds and told me I was only 14 weeks? Yes, I thought so too.) So midwife got off the phone with Radiologist and proceeded to RUSH me through the rest of the appt so I could get to radiology to schedule the scan before it closed for the day. She picked me up and hurled me onto the exam table like a sack of potatoes and started pushing on my stomach. She felt right below my belly button with a confused look on her face. She dropped her hand an inch and a half lower and pushed again. "Oh.......she might be right! You really might be only 14 weeks. Your uterus is alot lower than it should be at 16.5 weeks". Oh really, Snootin&Snortin Midwife? Then she listened to Tot's heartbeat for a minute and said he sounded healthy - he's GOT to have a healthy heart bc if I'm only 14 weeks then that means we first heard it at 7.5 weeks, not 10! Then she picked me up by my ankles and boomeranged me out in to the hallway while shouting "2ND FLOOR ON THE LEFT - LOOK FOR THE COLORED TILES!" I ducked as my purse was chucked into the hall after me 2 inches from my head.

I totally understand why she was miffed that an Ultrasound Tech was giving out information she's not technically qualified to give. But in this case, I'm glad USLady guessed what week I was bc it keeps me from having some bloodwork done too soon AND I get another look at Andrew on Tuesday! That's 3 ultrasounds in less than 2 weeks! After my 20 week I may go nuts not getting to see him for 12-16 weeks before his next 4d Peek appointment.

weight: 119.08 (oh yeah! That's only a 5.04 lb gain in 3.5 months of pregnancy! This will probably be the last time I feel relieved at what the scale says.)
bp: 65
Andrew's heartbeat: 154