Little's Life

Little's Life

Tuesday, June 30, 2009


Well telling everyone was a blast. Sam couldn't wait til I went to the Doc, he made it about 6 seconds after finding out before calling his dad. SO adorable.

My mom and Sherry had the best reactions. I think they both ended up sitting with thier heads between thier knees once we hung up the phone. I guess I should have called them "Grandma" and "Gigi". Speaking of --- what to call everyone? I mean some of you already have names (like Gran and Mamaw) but some of you get to pick your own. Here's what we've got so far.

my parents: Grandma and Grandpa

my grandparents: Great Grandma, Mamaw, Papaw, the Jews (I'm KIDDING Pop and Pearl!!!)

Sam's parents: Mimi, Gigi, Pops, and ?????????? Sorry Debbie, P-Maw is OUT. Sam and I both agree that our Tot is not calling you "Urine Maw". No offense Palmer, you call your grandparents whatever you want. Your curls let you get away with it. And Bob from Bob Miller Insurance - that's too much for a tot to say. We'll have to shorten it to something more feasible. ;)

Sam's grandparents: Gran, Pappy, Mamaw C, Papaw F, Nana, Tom (creative, right?!)

Then of course we have all the Aunts and Uncles who will NOT be calles "Aunt Christie" or "Uncle Daniel". We may refer to you that way but Tot can just say Christie and Daniel. I never had to call any of my tias y tios by a title. (Apparently I'm spanish now)

Oh and while we're on the subject of names, Tater Tot one day will have a name fit for a human and not one for a tasty side item. It will be one of these 2:

I'm hoping for Hannah. :) Andrew was Russell's middle name. We decided pretty immediately after 02.11.07 that if we ever had a boy we'd use it. I even asked his sister if she was ok with it. We didn't want to infringe incase she wants to do the same thing one day.

Changing his world forever.

Well here we go. . .

~Written June 06, 2009~

Well here we go. Today I found out that my world will never be the same. Today 2 pink lines popped up on that little stick. Today I discovered I am a "we". I am 2 people in one body. How insane is that? KATHERINE PALMER IS PREGNANT. humm... Nope, not any less nuts written in caps. Sam's been at work since 5 a.m. so he has no idea. HAHAHA! He's going to be soooooooo happy. I called Ashley about 10 seconds after I found out - would've been automatically but for the 10 seconds I dissolved into a fit of laughter and "Are you kidding me, God?" exclamations. I'm totally calm now...(thank goodness). I have always been afraid that I would cry in horror or be overwhelmed with what all a baby means if that second line ever popped up, but I really just laughed then came to terms with it. I've never wanted children. I have no idea what I'm going to do with a baby but I am totally relieved that it didn't freak me out when that second line appeared. That's a good sign, right? I got off the phone with Ashley and prayed - so the little bundle is already in good hands. I figure I'm about 5 or 6 weeks since the nausea has already set in.

I am going to try reeeeeeeeeeeeeally hard not to blurt it out to Sam. Our anniversary is in 12 days and I think it would be the best present ever for him. 12 days though.........I don't know if I can hide it that long. I don't think he'd be too happy about finding out 2 weeks after me. I got him a new pair of Pumas and I think I'll stick a teeny pair of newborn shoes inside them. Cute, right? I don't want to tell anyone else til I've been to the Dr. Oh the Dr appointments.........that's gonna be "fun"... 9 months of invasive hours at the OBGYN, lucky me. Tiny Tater Tot, you'd better be a girl. Well, like I said - here we go!

~Written June 07, 2009~

Muy importante questions that have run through my head since yesterday:

* Can I still take my allergy meds?

webmd says claritin in, singulair out

* Acidopholus?


* Can I eat medium rare steak?!?!

as long as the int. temp reaches 170 degrees but eat it rarer if I crave it



* How long do I have to be naseaus?

13 7 more?

Looks like I'll be picking up a copy of What to Expect When You're Expecting.

How to tell people.......

- S&J: webcam!

- Friends: status change to " next" should do it

- F&D: hmmm prolly leave that one up to Sam

Ooooh Sam's up, gotta go.