Little's Life

Little's Life

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Punch You in the Face part 2

Someone shared this old post of mine on Facebook today: How to Refrain From Punching Someone in the Face, and it reminded me that I had rewritten my little green card.  I was in a mood the day I initially placed the order for those cards, and so there was a bit more ferocity in them than was necessary.  I have learned over the past 30 some odd years, that sometimes it is necessary to go back with a clear head and edit myself.  Sometimes that means an apology is in order, sometimes that means I hit delete instead of send, sometimes it means I head back to the store for a refund.  I still think the cards are a great idea, but don't need to be as harsh as they were.  So here is the tamer version.

Still gets my point across and still prevents me from punching you in the face - only now, I don't come across as a raging (insert adjective here) .  :)

This is Charlene.  Charlene is amazeballs.  Why?  Don't worry about that.  But if you are not her friend, you are missing out.  In fact, you ought to go into a corner or a closet and cry.  For days.  Because nanananabooboo she's my friend and not yours and she's superduperawesome.  All the cool kids think so.  I made a collage (again, because all the cool kids make collages and I, you see, am a cool kid.  My mom told me so.) to show you all the ways that Charlene is stellar.

1.  She looks GORGE in black and black and white.
2.  She wrestles alligators.
3.  She can fly!
4.  She taught Anna Kornikova everything she knows.  (ok that last part might not be true, but she can pose like she did)
5.  You'll just have to trust me.  Charlene is probably going to kill me for all this.  HAHAHA.  :)