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Little's Life

Monday, August 6, 2012

A Little thirty-one Party

To raise some money for MDA and Little's Medical Fund, I've got a few different fundraisers going on right now.  Don't worry, I won't be as in your face as I was in March for the Muscle walk, but expect me to be like that every Feb/March, as that is the event my mom and I have picked as our main Little's League event each year.  But this is August, so that means that Labor Day is just around the corner and as you all ought to know by now, with Labor Day comes the MDA Labor Day Telethon.  Now it is being called the MDA Show of Strength.

No more Jerry Lewis, no more 24 hour marathon telethon, just a quick 3 hour broadcast crammed full of previously recorded segments by your favorite celebrities (hello, Luke Bryan, Carrie Underwood, and B.o.B.).  I know the Little Rock telecast will be on Fox and Little and I will be there at the station so tune in, AR folks!  Everyone else, check your local listings.

So, fundraiser number one - or should I say, thirty-one:

Thirty-One Summer 2012 Catalog - Life Simplified

Do you love thirty-one?  Do you love Little?  Well sweet!  Then you'll love this fundraiser!  I'm such a carnie.      My awesome friend Tanya approached me about a virtual thirty-one party where she will be donating her profits to Little's League for MDA and Little's Medical Fund!  The party is online NOW and is up til at least August 17th, so go get your shop on!!!!  Here is the link to our facebook event page  and one directly to our party, where you purchase the products at Little's thirty-one Party.

Fundraiser number 2:
The Little's League tees.  Still taking orders.  Still $15.00  Still $5 for shipping if you live outside of central or NW AR or Ft Campbell. Still blue.  Still the same logo.  Still the same way to pay and contact me as before.  Here are the sizes available again: 2t 3t 4t 5t yxs ys ym yl yxl axs as am al axl axxl axxxl The deal I made with Tee Shirt Man is that he'll give me this great deal IF I order 100 shirts...........and I am NOWHERE near 100 orders.  So....... Here they are in grey, in case you forgot what they look like......even though I feature someone in them at the bottom of every post. :)

Fundraiser number 3:  Saving Our Sons & Daughters II.  You know, that book I have a chapter in.  It's still for sale.  Just click on the picture of the book on the right hand side of this blog.

Fundraiser number 4:  MDA's Show of Strength websight.  They have a direct donation link just like they did  with the Muscle Walk earlier this year.  The link to Little's League's page is Little's League for MDA

So I have some pretty kickA friends, bc without Tanya and Kari, fundraisers 1 and 2 wouldn't be happening.

Today's Little's League Member - Diane Johnson!  HOW COOL IS THIS PICTURE??????  Diane is on a mission trip with her church in Nicaragua!  Some of the children in the village gathered around her and all made a muscle for Andrew and the camera.  I mean some of them don't look real thrilled about it, but I'm sure they are just thinking "oh, crazy American!"  HA!  I love this!!!!  Diane goes to Cambodia soon, so hopefully as she travels and spreads the word of God, I'll get more pictures like this!  I seriously SO love this picture and that Diane (who has known me since I was 8 and is the mother of 2 of my dearest friends) did something so special as her picture for me and Andrew.

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