Little's Life

Little's Life

Thursday, March 4, 2010

6 weeks and finally gaining weight!

So my tiny little man is not so tiny anymore! We went in on his 6 week anniversary for a weight check and he's at 9lbs 5oz. That's 1oz shy of 2lbs over his birth weight! Docs are finally happy with his weight and we've been cleared of having to come in once a week for weight checks. YAY! 2 more weeks and we go see his new pediatrician and start his immunizations.

Andrew is learning how to smile! It's SO CUTE! (and really hard - it takes about 15 minutes of grinning yer butt off in his face before he'll do it back and you usually only get one). Hopefully that will become easier and more frequent as he finishes out his 2nd month. I can tell he's got more focus, too. He "discovers" new things every day. A few days ago he found the Sleep Sheep in his Pack-N-Play and studied it for 15 minutes. The ceiling fan is a thrill for him, too. Today he found the octopus that hangs from his Baby Einstien play mat and that had him hooked for about 10 minutes. He also knows what his bib means. He gets REALLY active and vocal (and impatient) when you velcro that around his neck.

In OEF news, Mister is at his temp. duty station and is already solving crimes like the little Investigator he is :) He is still getting set up, though so if you haven't heard from him, try to be patient! He will be out of touch for a few more days as he works on his newest case. I have his mailing address so if you want to send him anything, let me know and I'll get the APO to you. Can't believe he's been gone for 3 weeks - that's half of Andrew's life!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :( :( :( :(

Here are this week's pictures:

Playing with Grandma

My little bear cub

worn out after lunch

working out his intestines........heeheeheeeeeeeeee
Playing with Grandma some more!
If you want to see our photo session from Daphne's Portrait Design, check out and click on Client Viewing. From there, go to page 3 and click Palmer Family, pw:Andrew. They're only up through the end of the month.
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  1. Picture number 42 made me tear up a little bit!!!! I love it!!!! as well as all the other pictures! And yay for Andrew gaining weight! Your doing a great job mama :)

  2. OMG - his poop face is to die for!!