Little's Life

Little's Life

Saturday, February 20, 2010

A whole month!

So Tot's been around a full month now. A really long month - lol. One that was full of diapers, visitors, shrinking baby, doctor's visits, a husband pulled away and sent to war, and sleepless nights. Everyone says "Enjoy it! It goes by SO fast!" but I have felt every minute of this first month. It definitely did not fly by. That's not to say that I haven't loved watching Tot learn to focus on my face, cuddling him, and that amazing moment that I realized how safe and loved he feels with me when I looked down at his peaceful little face, fast asleep in my arms. But when you get thrown into single parent mode when your little one is only 25 days old, the hours streeeeeeeeeetch by.

We've had nights where he wanted to eat every 40 minutes followed by days where he snoozed like a champion. We've had nights and days where he refused to sleep unless I was holding him and others that he slept on his own in his bed as if he'd been doing it all along. We've had to figure out some major feeding issues that had us both miserable for a week and I've had to make decisions about what's best for us without Mister.

I've been exhausted and frustrated and ready to cry with him but then I look at that sweet face and it all melts away. I am so blessed to have such a beautiful, healthy little boy - even if he does keep me up all night. ;)

My heart goes out to all of you single parents who do this alone from Day 1. It is HARD to raise an infant without help. All of you who have a significant other to share in the diaper changes and night time feedings - COUNT YOUR BLESSINGS!!!! I'm doing it alone while my husband is in a war zone. As terrible as that sounds, though - I know that I am nowhere near the first military wife to be in this situation and I'll get through it just like so many before me. In fact, I know more Army wives who have been in my situation than have not. Sad reality of military life, huh?

It's getting better. Last night he only ate every 3 hours (that means I got 2 to 2.5 hours of sleep at a time!) and went right back down in his PackNPlay between every feeding. What to Expect the First Year (from now on referred to as WTETFY in this blog) says we should be down to 1 feeding per night by the end of month 3 so I'm hopeful that one day I shall sleep again. zzzzzzzZzzzzz

Earlier this week, we got to go back to Daphne's Portrait Design and check out the pictures the 3 of us took the morning Mr left for the desert. They are GREAT! As soon as the lady started the slide show presentation for me, I knew I was in trouble. The first pic that popped up was one of all 3 of us where Mr is staring into in right at me.....I cried. lol The lady said she understood (bless her). Should get the pictures in the next 2 weeks.

Found out some great news about Mr's deployment: he's not going to be gone a full year!!!!!! The Powers That Be decided Mr and the guys that chose to go on the early deployment with him will be joining in with the group that's already there instead of starting a new rotation themselves. That means they come home when Old Group comes home and Old Group is already 3 months into thier deployment. So the Donut leapt forward!

Donut of Misery: 3% done, 97% to go


  1. I don't know what book or website states this, but stacked feedings help alot before bed. I guess your supposed to feed every hour for the last 3 feedings.... or something like that. I've heard it helps A LOT!!!!

    I'm so happy for you and Andrew that you get the mister back sooner than expected! What a blessing!!

  2. You are so incredibly strong! I cried reading the above and below posts. Seriously, you make me realize how lucky I am to have Seth here helping every day. I WILL not bitch when he puts in a 10 hour day at the office or the next time he wants ONE weekend in the deer woods. As he doesn't complain when I get a rare girls' weekend away. Sam is lucky to have such an understanding wife! We're lucky to have such a committed man serving our country. Thanks to both of you for your sacrifices! I would love to be a houseguest (That's a great idea and way to pass time. Having something to look forward to constantly, passes time.), but I'm afraid I can no longer travel more than 2 hours from LR! And, if I came with all 3 kiddos, well, you'd regret that invitation! lol I HOPE to get to Mom and Dad's at some point late summer maybe, so we'll definitely stop by to meet Tot in person and hang out!