Little's Life

Little's Life

Wednesday, March 31, 2010

10 weeks with Tot, 6.5 without Mister

We are truckin' towards that 3 month mark! I can see it as we creep ever so slowly closer and closer.......the day Tot is no longer a "newborn". He's already too long for most 0-3 clothes and he's only about a pound away from them being too tight. Poor guy has to either wear floods or swim in his clothes. He's 11 1/2 lbs now :) :) :) :) So combine his weight with his age and we should be sooooooooo close to waking only once a night to eat! He's done it a few times but for the most part, he's woken twice per night in the last 2 weeks. Til last night, that is. Last night he reverted to the nights of a 3 week old and woke up every hour and 40 minutes or less. I LOATHE NIGHT TIME FEEDINGS. I am a sleeper who cannot nap so being jarred awake by a hungry Tot 4 times a night makes for a pretty severe morning. I'm talking a morning like Rob Zombie makes movies about.

Tot seems to be developing right on schedule! He still hates tummy time, so in addition to TT I lay him on my chest and lean back on the couch to let him lift his head that way. It seems to bother him less. He also roots around in his sleep if he's laying on me that way, so I know he's got some neck control, he just refuses to show me during TT. He's so stingy with his skills. He's gotten a little more open with the smiles but I still know not to expect one when I want one, only when he decides I should have one. And when he decides I should have one, my heart just melts and all the work I've done to coax one out of him was totally worth it.
Love that "Elvis Lip"!

Today we took our first walk around the neighborhood with the Expedition Stroller. It doesn't steer as easily as his Graco, but it's got great off road tires and will really come in handy when I can start jogging with him in it. MAN am I out of shape! I worked out pretty consistently until about 7 months into my pregnancy when I developed gestational hypertension and the Midwife nixed excersing and prescribed couch sitting....which I did not like. For those of you who know me, you can imagine how peeved I was at the thought of going all soft for the next few months. I still did yoga sporadically, but that was really just to alleviate pressure in my hips. Since it's been about 5 months since I've worked out, I'm having to start slower than I want. Monday and Tuesday I did some yoga and crunches (ooooh holy back pain - had to hang out on the inversion table that evening) and today after both of those, a homemade smoothie for breakfast (thanks for the Magic, Mom!), and an e-mail from Mister saying he was going to miss our Skype Date, I loaded Tot into the Expedition and hoofed it around the neighborhood for 30 minutes. 30....when I was 6 mos prego I was walking for an hour 3xs a week. Like I said - SO out of shape. But I'm working on that.

Mister's been gone for 47 days now so somewhere between 229 and 318 to go. eesh. He's hating every second of it. He's not used to being a Fobbit while deployed. I'm loving it for him, though. SUCH a relief to not have him on the front lines this time. And get this --------- if I need to, I CAN CALL HIM! HOLY SHADOOBS! 509th gals, does that just blow your minds or what?!?!?! I still can't get over how often I get to hear from him. Last time I was lucky to get 3 phone calls in the same month for periods of it. Now I've never gone longer than 3 days so far. But keep him in your prayers, guys - he's not safe by being off the front lines, just safER.

Here are some pictures from the last few weeks:

Pretty fly for a white guy

Smiling before church

He peed on the couch right after this....

bath time

Happy St Patty's Day!

LOOK EVERYONE! Christie fed a baby! And her shoes are on my couch.

Meeting his Papaw Frank

Shots. Ooooooooooh the shots. He made the most awful 'silent scream' face, held his breath, and turned beet red. I was so shocked that I just stared while the nurse, who was shocked as well, scooped him up off the table and kept apologizing to him. They were out of one of the vaccines so we had to go back in a week later and let him have his 3rd one. That time when he made The Face, I cried. I am now one of those mothers.

The start of his Uncle Daniel impression. One day I'll catch the whole thing on camera and post it here.

HopefulDonut of Misery: 17% done, 83% to go

Realistic Donut of Misery: 12% done, 88% to go

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