Little's Life

Little's Life

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Andrew's 1st Week

Just wanted to thank everyone who has come by during Andrew's first week in the world! I love you all and Sam and I are so grateful to have so much support and love!!!!!!!!

Andrew has shrunk a bit - he was 6lb 10oz at his Well baby check-up on Friday but he's found his appetite in the last 2 days so he should be gaining now. Not getting much sleep at night but he's racked out during the day. Hope to get that switched around soon.

Here are the pictures we've taken this week:

First time with Mommy

with Grandma

In the recovery room with Dad

with cousin Jenny, then Uncle Don, then Aunt Donna

First family photo at home

In Mommy's IV fluid filled arms

His scalp is red, not his hair! His hair is dark brown.

with Aunt Christie

meeting Grandpa

meeting G-Maw


  1. Thanks for the update lady :) I can't wait till we can meet your new little man!! You look like a natural when it comes to being a mommy!! I can't tell you how much we happy for the 3 of you. Enjoy every second with your sweet baby boy!

  2. He's beautiful. Congrats! See, when pregnancies go smooth as glass, the delivery HAS to be crazy! Well, ok, at least in your and my cases!