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Friday, January 20, 2012

Little Rock MDA Muscle Walk 2012

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On Saturday, March 10, the Little Rock MDA office will be holding their annual Muscle Walk.  This year I've decided to form a team on Andrew's behalf and try to raise some research money.  It begins at 10:00 a.m. in Murray Park off Rebsamen Rd.  I've got his team all registered, now I just need some members - (you). :)

It is free to join the team - there are no entry fees or registration fees or even a minimum donation.
What you do is click on this link -

Then click on Little Rock, Arkansas and it will take you to our event.  I can't link to it directly bc it won't let me log out and then you all would be on the site logged in as me.  So once you are at the LR MDA Muscle Walk page, click on the link that says "Join existing team" on the right hand side of the page.  I believe it is the 2nd one in the list.  The next page it will open up will be the registration page.  When it asks you which team you want to join, pick Little's League (thank you for the kickA team name, Crystal!).  Follow the registration instructions as they pertain to you, obvi, then you will be asked to categorize yourself as a 5k Runner, Muscle Walker, or a Spirit Walker.

5K Runner - don't pick this one, the 5k has been cut from our event so that no one is excluded.  There are so many people who are no longer able to compete in atheltic events that the event coordinators have opted not to have any at all.

Muscle Walker - pick this one if you are going to attend the event with us.  This is the category that I registered in.  This is the category that gets you Andrew's t-shirt for $10 instead of $12 (plug plug plug) since we'll be wearing them to the Muscle Walk.

Spirit Walker - pick this one if you want to help us raise funds and awareness or just donate some yourself but will not be physically attending the event.  You can still help us out by sharing our page link, e-mailing friends and family, and trying to gather donations.

Then just finish out the last few clicks and pat yourself on the back - you just joined Little's League!  You can direct people to our fundraising page by sharing this link Little's League Fundraising Page or you can direct people here to this blog.

The event is like a festival.  There will be food, games, vendors, a DJ, and entertainment.  At the very end, we all do a victory lap around the park that symbolizes all of the funds we've raised by working together.

I would love to raise as much money as possible for MDA, but even if we don't raise a dime, at least we will have raised awareness.  Most people have never even heard the word Duchenne.  I sure hadn't until June of last year when it was first mentioned as a possible diagnosis for Andrew.  If people don't know this disease exists, then how will it ever be cured?  So even if you can't help the Duchenne community out financially, help us out by spreading the word!  Direct people here - to my facebook - or to MDA and PPMD websites.  Just get the word Duchenne into people's ears so that one day enough people will be aware of it to really get research funded.

I hope you'll join Little's League and help us end Duchenne!  AHEM, friends and family that I never get to see - you know I'll be in town and where I'll be, so it would be a great excuse for you to hop on over to Murray Park.  You can catch up with me and Little and support us at the same time!!!!

Here's another link and way to contribute!
Katherine's MDA Muscle Walk page


  1. K. All 5 Mulhearns will be there. Strollers are welcomed I assume? We may not stay long as 11 is usually naptime for twins. Excited! I'm going to join your team now if I can figure it out.

  2. Awesome! Of course strollers are welcome, lots of people are in wheel chairs in the MD community. You can come and go as you please, it starts at 10:00 but I think it goes all day.