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Little's Life

Friday, January 27, 2012

Coming to a 10 Fitness near you

is a big ole flier (flyer?) of Andrew! I tried to upload it here, but when my computer crashed last month, I lost my Microsoft Office pack. I had to download some Abi program and I made the flier there and it won't translate to blogger. One day I'll buy some printer ink, print it out, then scan it over here. Process, I know. But if you are in central Arkansas, go to a 10 Fitness and check it out! And join the gym - 10 Fitness is kickA, it really is. Mister's uncle, Jacob, owns a bunch of them and he's pretty kickA, too. Plus his wife's name is Babsi. BABSI! How cool is that? Little has an Aunt Babsi! I bet you don't have an Aunt Babsi.

Now onto the Little's League shirts. Thanks again for that team name suggestion, Crystal - it couldn't be more perfect. MDA Lady loves it, PT H (now referred to as PT Heady since that's how Little pronounces her name - and while we're on the subject, OT J will now be referred to as OT G4. Yup, G4. That's how Andrew says her name. "Ok pway with G4!" G2 when she's upsetting him, G4 when she brings her big bag of toe-eeze {toys}) about cried when I told her, and my mom squealed. Mister gave it a "NICE." which is about as excited as he ever gets. So, well done, sis!

The t-shirts were ordered yesterday!!!! I'm waiting on the art department to send me a proof to finalize, then I will receive them about 10 days later. Great turn around time. I had a stroke in my left eye when I saw the total cost of production. I panicked for a few hours before I clicked the "complete purchase" button. I finally went and counted all the payments I've already received for the shirts and realized that I could take them to the bank before I checked out and then it wouldn't be as scary. So thank you to everyone who has already paid - you made it possible for me to pay the entire balance of the shirts without losing complete function of my bladder.

See, our goal (our, meaning mine and my mom's) was to sell 50 shirts then do a second batch if there was enough interest. Well.........our first order was for 139 shirts.
. 139!!!!

*legally obligated to plug the website I made the blinking 139 at, so here goes*
Image by Cool Text: Logo and Button Generator - Create Your Own Logo

That's almost three times as many as our goal!!!!  I am so thrilled!  Thank you all so so so much!!! More exclamation points!!!!!!!!!!  Ya'll are helping to make Andrew's life a little easier than it would be otherwise.  Thanks to you and the MDA office in Little Rock, we already have enough to be able to go meet with Dr. Mendell at Nationwide Children's Hospital in Columbus, OH.  We were supposed to go yesterday, but had to reschedule bc we just didn't have the money.  Now we do.  It's sitting in Andrew's brand spankin' earmarked for Duchenne expenses medical account.  What a relief!  Dr Mendell is a specialist who runs clinical trials for Duchenne treatments.  He's got one going right now based on exon skipping - really fascinating stuff and so promising - and one in the future that may help Andrew.  We are supposed to meet with him and let him poke and prod my tiny boy and have him screened into the lab's database.  That's just one example of how your donations will be used to help Andrew now and in the future.  I really can't thank you all enough.

And I've already been asked to take a second order by some folks who were a bit late to the party and so that the people involved in that really cool thing that's happening later in March (that I mentioned in Nov that was supposed to happen in Jan but has now been moved to March ) could order one if they want.  So if you missed the boat, don't worry, I'll take orders again soon.

My little brownie lover. :)

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