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Little's Life

Monday, October 24, 2011

They've got a thing they call Radar Love!


Mister and I just completed the trek to Choudrant, LA and back this morning with 15 minutes to spare before Little's occupational therapy appointment.  Exhaustion - totally worth it.  One of my favorite couples on the planet got married this weekend - Jacob and Rachel Parks!!!!! (formerly Jacob Parks and Rachel Yates)

Oopsie, wrong photo!

Much better.

The weekend started on Thursday...errr technically Friday morning for Mister and I since it was almost 1 a.m. when we got to the lodge.  The lodge was bananas (b-a-na-na-s).  It had 7 bedrooms, each with their own bathrooms on 2 floors with a full kitchen, 2 story wrap around deck, and a driving range with a putting green.  Not too shabby for a groomsman's gift, eh? 

Friday consisted of golfing for the guys and brunch for the gals.  I believe the food was delicious, it certainly looked it, but I'm not positive since the migraine I was fighting off killed my taste buds.  I do know there was a chocolate pie involved that I devoured, dulled taste buds be damned. 

Afterwards, T-Parks and I kept it classy on the driving range.

Rehearsal was next, followed by dinner at one of Rachel's parents' houses. 

They have a patio to die for.  Absolutely beautiful.  After stuffing ourselves with bisque and jambalaya, the toasts began.  And then they ended.  Or so I thought.  Because all of a sudden Mister was standing.  After a mini stroke, I grabbed his arm and hissed "There are grandparents here!" then continued choking on my rice.  He managed to embarrass both the groom and his parents without actually going into the inappropriate details of which he was referencing, so I say well done.  NAILED IT!
And I thought this guy's was the toast I had to be nervous about.

 Me, Lindsey, and Tiffany - we all left our baby boys at home for you, Jacob.  Love us.

Wedding day started off with some WPS as the hogs beat Ole Miss and some really sweet close up shots of Lindsey and I.

So on to the main event.  Somehow Sam managed to finagle his way into walking the parents of the groom down the aisle.

It was such a beautiful wedding.  Even the staff of the country club hung out on the balcony and watched it. 

This is our attempt at a nice picture.

What you don't see in the background of this one is Jacob running over to steer Sam back into the library where he's supposed to be with the rest of the wedding party.
This is Sam refusing to dance into the reception.
Other groomsmen did a better job.

Mr and Mrs Jacob Parks!
And now for the story of the kiss.  Not the "you may kiss the bride" kiss, but the "'re not my wife" kiss.

Mister was enjoying the festivities and came up behind my friend Katy, swooped in from the side and laid one on her.  Katy thought it was just her husband, Mitch, so you can imagine the shock on both of their faces when Sam started to pull away and they realized they were not each other's spouses!!!!!!

Definitely the funniest thing that happened all night.  Thank goodness they had a photo booth to commemorate that moment forever, via reenactment.

I should have rethought the dress.  It looked great in the mirror but it photographs somethin' awful.  It was a little too big so I look like a fatty Mghee - like I dyed a camping tent and zipped it around me.  Oh well.

And this was me by the end of the night.  Taking those boots off was the smartest decision I made all night.  Don't hate, you know you want my socks.  In fact I had a song and dance to go along with them.

My socks are bangin'
My socks are bangin'
I can sliiiiide in my socks, I can sliiiiiiide in my socks
My socks are bangin'  mhmmm
My socks are bangin!

And I must clarify - although the pictures make it seem as though I helped Rachel blow out the bar tab, I did not.  I had 1 - that's ONE- drink the whole night.  Yay responsibility.  That's what having a kid does to you, especially one with special needs.  Turns you into a buzzkill.
So Jacob and Rachel, Mister and I are so very happy for you two and wish you all the best life and marriage have to offer.  Thank you so much for including us in your weekend!  SALUT!

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