Little's Life

Little's Life

Sunday, October 2, 2011


We finally got to go "home" for a while!  I've been itching to go back since Little was diagnosed 9 weeks ago (9 wks?  Is that really all?).  You know, it doesn't matter how old you are, when you get life altering, slap you in the face, howdoyouikethat news like learning your son has a fatal genetic flaw, sometimes you just want to run home to mama and I finally got a chance on the 14th.  So again, I apologize to my friends who I did not track down and drive hours to see, but this was a family visit.  I needed to surround Little and myself with kinfolk. 

We had a great time, too!  Best trip home in a loooooooong time.  The only thing missing was Mister, but he's not usually with me when I head back to Arkansas anyway. 

This table and chair was made for him by his grandparents (Pops & Didi). You are totally jealous aren't you? Nyah nyah nyah nyah boo boo!!!!!!!! It's amazeballs.

This is his Pappaw Frank's tractor (or Chrocktock, as Little says).

This is the beautiful Miss Elly (the only other person in my world that I have ever used my Pappaw's nickname for me on).  Little tried to smooch her on 2 different days but she just wouldn't give in.

My dad was home from work while we were there, so I got to do things I don't normally have time for during the day - like shower long enough to actually let the conditioner set in my hair AND shave my legs all in the same shower!  I usually have to divide my showering tasks up throughout the week since Little is such a handful.  And his nap lengths are unpredictable so I can't just wait til then to shower bc I have other things I need to do during that time that I can't do while he's awake and demanding my full attention (like typing on this blog or mopping the floors or paying the bills - oh my gosh what a fun life I lead!  Jealous?). 

We also got to ride my parents' recumbent bicycles - err, tricycles - and Little fell in love!  Unfortunately I will never be able to afford one (anyone from Catrike reading this?  **hints being thrown your way) which is unfortunate bc they are the safest kind of bike out there to have a child on.  I want one and I want some kind of contraption for Little rigged on it so he can always ride with me.  He's almost too long to ride on my stomach; his legs get in the way of my pedaling. 

Note the sweet scarf I used as a seat belt - won't need to do that again thanks to a certain generous company that I will blog all about after our trip to the zoo!

Anyway, the trip really just drove home to me the fact that I need to move back once Mister is out of the Army.  Little will need more and more care as the years go by and the only people I can fully trust to help me out are family members....who are all in Arkansas. 
Getting ready to go introduce ourselves to the staff at the LR MDA office.

He is so gorgeous that sometimes I cannot even believe he's mine - I produced this????

We miss all of you already!

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