Little's Life

Little's Life

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Sturdy as a Wet Noodle

So Little Foot has been in physical therapy for about 7 months now.  In that time he has learned to push up on all fours, to a seated position, crawl, pull to stand, and cruise along any surface he can balance on.  It's been an exciting ride, that's for sure.  I've watched him go from a floppy lump to the beginnings of toddlerdom.  I thought I'd share with you guys some videos so you can see how a typical session goes and just what we're dealing with at this stage.  Don't worry, he's much happier than in his crawling video!

First one - he's supposed to be trying to stand alone but he saw the camera........and that was that.

Next was today's PT session.  PT H is saying "don't dive", not "don't die" like it sounds. 

He is SUCH a noodle!  It's like he has Jello legs.  Pardon my roughness, beeteedubs - I will wear makeup next time, scout's honor.

And this one has nothing to do wtih anything other than I think it's hilarious.  And inappropriate.  Hilariously inappropriate :D

He was watching his uncle on an episode from Castle, if that makes it any better.

He's sooooooooo going to make it to our goal of walking by his 2nd birthday!!!!!  And I think he's finally having a growth spurt.  His toes are starting to hang over the edge of his D.A.F.O.s so I need to ask his orthopedist to put in an order for a new pair.  He's getting his flu shot tomorrow so hopefully they'll weigh him and I can see if he's finally hit the 25 pound mark.

Oh an also, you know that irritating jingle Arby's got going right now - It's good mood food?  Yeah, Tot loves it.  Every time it comes on tv, he sings mmmmmooofoooooofooooooooooo for 10 minutes.

Remember that book I'm contributing to?  I'm done!  :) :) :) And I hope you all really like it!  I believe it launches around Valentine's Day, so just check here for the purchase link next year!  (Don't worry, I'll remind you.  Like 80 times)

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  1. Oh, he's doing so great! It's good to see! His PT seems really good with him too, we always pray for Andrew.