Little's Life

Little's Life

Sunday, October 14, 2012

Why I will never be a professional photographer

I have a new respect for photographers who work with children.  This is my cover photo on Facebook.  It is the Bulltwins and Little with their Peyton Pillows.

 Sweet picture, right?  Well here's how many shots it took to get just one that was usable.

That one on the side in the middle cracks me up - Little has just fallen over backwards and couldn't get up.

So then a few weeks ago I tried to get a shot of all the Gibsonoids in their Little's League's how that went.

1st, as you see, Gracie couldn't even find hers.
 and my personal favorite
Mason's rear.  Awesome.

 I ended up having to kick everyone else out of the shot except for the girls and steal a shirt off of one of the boys to put it on Gracie.

Photographing children = herding cats.

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