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Little's Life

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Central Arkansas MDA Muscle Walk 2012

As you are all painfully aware - Saturday was the Central Arkansas MDA Muscle Walk.  My goal was to raise 500 measly little ole dollars for Duchenne but we met that goal with 4 days to spare.  So I upped it to $1000..........and ya'll just kept giving!  Our total as of this morning (yes, it keeps rising as after event donations are still being made *yaaaaay*) is $1424!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Everyone who donated just blew me away!  I just can't thank you all enough!

Me and Andrew ready to go! (Mister had to work)

me and my sis

The 23 members of Little's League who were able to attend:  Susan and Seth Mulhearn and kids, Jan Eoff, Jack Johnson, my dad, sister, sister's fiance Blaine and his son Carson, mother in law and my nephew Palmer, my mom, Ashley Mears, the Gentry family, and me and Andrew.

Make a muscle, make a difference!

Making muscles with the Gentrys

Andrew and Palmer, his cousin who he's only met twice now.  We're so glad he came!

It was a little overwhelming for a 2 yr old.

My college roommate!

This lady has been one of my best friends for over 15 years. So glad you came, Su!

Team captains

Off we go on our victory lap!

So then, you don't want a pony for your birthday?

love connection?

Walking for pizza!

with Erica Dierich, the lady in charge at Little Rock MDA

I wish I could thank you all personally on here, but there are just too many of you, so I'll just single out the a few of you whom I want to give special recognition to (in no order):

*  KARI BECKHAM - joined our team at the end of the week and brought in more money than any other team member!


* GENTRY FAMILY - for all your support!

* JENNIFER HODGES - for Harper Jubilee (see last blog)

* PAM HARKEY - decided to donate to MDA Ft Smith on behalf of Little's League (and she's doing awesome).

* THE SWANSON FAMILY - they became Little's League Seattle and raised over $300 for MDA's Duchenne Initiative!  Thank you so much LL Seattle!

There are still plenty of cities with MDA Muscle Walks still to come - want to start a Little's League there?  I'd be honored if any of you would like to walk for Andrew and give in our team's name!  We officially registered a Little's League in Seattle, Little Rock & Nashville, and we have people participating in Ft Smith, Pensacola, & Philadelphia that haven't registered a team name yet but are more than welcome to use Little's League.  Just let me know if you decide to do that so I can spread the word and help you fundraise online!

Really from the bottom of my heart, THANK YOU to each and every person who gave to MDA via Little's League.

Now time to go get that money for Music City MDA Muscle Walk 2012 next Saturday!  Don't worry, I'm fund raising locally with bracelet sales and a talent show put on by the local high schools so I won't be all in your Facebook faces like I have been the past few weeks.  :)  But if you want to give, click here!

Did you buy a Little's League shirt?  Then let's see it!  E-mail me your photo in your tee to, get it to me on facebook (link to the right), or paste it below in the comment section.  Below are Little's League members Ashley and Chloe - don't they look great?!

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