Little's Life

Little's Life

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

On your 30th birthday

were you in a commercial that aired during the Super Bowl?  My brother was on his!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  And it was unexpected - so there he was just enjoying a birthday/Super Bowl party when all of a sudden his mug popped up on the screen.  I guess they "forgot" to tell the actors that the Hulu commercial they were shooting was being aired during the most sought after commercial slot of the year.  Here it is, he's the head on the right that responds to the head on the left who just spouted off a Southpark quote.


So the Little's Logo tees should be here any day!  Thank you to the 68 of you who ordered one (or 6 in some cases)!  Of the 68, there are still 23 of you who have not paid, so send that my way when you get a chance.  You can mail me a check or cash, use the donate button to you right and Paypal me the money, or give it to my mom.

OT G4 was here yesterday and she had to do a little assessment of where he is now vs where he was when we started therapy almost a year ago - leaps ahead! - but she thought it would be fun to glance at the speech section of the book, too.  Now this is super unofficial and just a broad overview of his speech capabilities (bc obvi an actual speech assessment would be way more in depth) but we were able to answer "yes" to all of the speech questions stretching through the very last day a 3 yr old would be 3!  (Umm, so that means a 3 yr old who would turn 4 tomorrow).  So Little has the speech abilities of AT LEAST a one-day-shy-of-4 year old.  That's where the book stops, lol.  I'm curious to know what a real speech evaluation would tell us.  According to Parenting Magazine, he's a genius.  And if it's printed in a magazine, it must be true. HAHAHA!  Really, it's just nice to be ahead of the game somewhere with Little.  He's just so far behind physically (and will be his whole life) that sometimes it's nice to know that he's excelling somewhere else.  He's one smart little cookie, that's for sure.

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