Little's Life

Little's Life

Friday, July 29, 2011

It's been 3 weeks...

which is the turn around time for the Duchenne/Becker test at Emory.  DocGen ought to be calling us any time now.  My heart skips a beat when the phone rings, has been for 2 days now.  If he doesn't call today, at least I'll have the weekend to chill out about it til he gets back to the office on Monday.  Lord, please don't let my baby have this horrific disease. 

So on a different note, Little got his legs underneath himself yesterday all on his own!!!!!!!!!!!  He's not quite pulling up to standing, it's more of a "lay on my face while I get my legs straightened out and my butt up in the air" type move.  Super exciting, though!  He did it last night at a friend's house so I had her video it.  While she was recording, Little decided to keep on moving!  So here it is and just ignore the lovely angle of me that is in the video.

And here he is playing with his dad

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  1. Holy cow, I am out of the loop! So sorry you are going through all this! Glad the mister is home and not deployed right now. You are in my thoughts :-)