Little's Life

Little's Life

Sunday, June 20, 2010

5 years as a wife, 5 months as a mom

He's got such a tough life!

Still working on tummy time

Captain Smooshy Face

So Friday was our 5 year anniversary. It was sad not to have him here, but we did get to "see" each other on Skype. I miss him so much. He sent me flowers 3 days in a row last week :)

On the same day, Tot turned 5 months. FIVE MONTHS. He's almost 1/2 a year old. He's just gotten cuter and more fun every day. His little personality is in full swing. He gets impatient during the 3 seconds between velcroing his bib on and getting the bottle to his mouth, excited when he sneezes, lights up when I come into his room in the morning, and fights nap time with a vengeance. I just luff him.

HAPPY FATHER'S DAY, MISTER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

He's obviously thrilled with picture taking.

Also celebrating their 1st ones are:

My parents and sister just left. They came up for the weekend as a trio and left as a 4some. Yup, that's right, BodiniDanJinglesShitballKikiDickFaceMeanAssBlackCat
is in the car on her way to Arkansas. I AM SAD. It had to be done, though. She was keeping me up for an extra hour every time Little wakes up at night. She thinks it's happy fun time at 4 a.m. bc I got up. She gets spooked by the shadows on the wall, beats up the closet doors, caterwauls into the night, and generally runs around the house pouncing on things like the Tasmanian Devil on crack. I'll bring her back home once Tot has a more regular sleeping pattern. ( like 5 years, lol).

And now for the best news of all.............

YES MA'AM, those are redeployment orders!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We have dates!!!!! No more "hopeful" donut, just the real one! So here it is:


We are officially over the hump!

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