Little's Life

Little's Life

Monday, November 30, 2009

Deep Fried Turkey... delicious. Never again will I deal with waking up at 5 a.m. to start the 8 hour long process of oven roasting a bird and worrying wether or not the inner most meat is cooked through before the outer layer dries out. 45 minutes in the deep fryer from now on! Mister did a perfect job on it and it was our first time ever to fry one - I hadn't even tasted one before.
Cooked it a little too close to the house for my comfort level but it's Sam - YOU try telling him what to do. lol I just stayed away from the porch and busy cooking everything else. Thank goodness for Brian - he did most of the chopping for me since Mom spent most of the morning on the couch with her boot elevated.
Christie spent the morning on her iphone playing trivia games;

Dad hung out by the fryer;

and I found this old man wandering the streets so we invited him in from the cold;

Certainly much less work than my last few Thanksgivings in AK. Last year my friend Marta and I cooked for 20 people, so this year was a breeze with only 7.

Lots of food, lots of fun - I think this is the first Thanksgiving Sam has spent with my side of the family. The Army usually has him on Turkey Day.
The other exciting mark of the day was that it completed my 32nd week of pregnancy. 8 weeks to go!
Oh, and this is the disaster area my mother and brother left in my kitchen Friday morning after making turkey sandwiches to take on the road with them....

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