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Little's Life

Sunday, April 13, 2014

We Flexed One HECK of a Muscle!

Yes, this is my annual Muscle Walk post.  

This year was incredible.  Ya'll absolutely blew me away.  Our biggest group, our highest total raised, and our most donors ever.  48 of us showed up to Bridgestone Arena in Nashville,  ready to walk in support of Andrew.  

This whole group of caring, loving hearts showed up for my son.  No one drove less than 45 minutes and some of them drove as many as 7 (and no, they aren't relatives) - all for Little.  I can't articulate to you all how much that meant to me.  We were the second or third largest group there.  Our group was so large, that we couldn't fit in the photo area!  We just squished together at our meeting point and handed my camera to a total stranger.  :)

 I am so touched that all of you came.

Over 100 people donated to our team this year!  Our goal was $2630.01 (a penny more than we raised last year) and we took exactly $4,000 to Muscle Walk.  That's not all, though!  The donations kept coming in even after the walk and our grand total raised was:
That's more than double my original goal!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  I still cannot believe how much ya'll gave!  Do you know how many hours of research that money will fund?  How many wheelchairs that money can repair?  That money WILL play a part in finding a treatment for Duchenne.  THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!  Out of 15 (or more) teams, we raised the 4th highest amount of money.

 Little Boy was a crankpot for the whole thing.

This itty one is Ian.  Ian is wearing Andrew's original Little's League onesie from our very first Muscle Walk. BTW - I need that back, Desi.

 Linda Decker, our fearless leader!

And finally, he's excited (we were waiting for the elevator so we could we leave).

This will surely be my "year to beat" in both participants and funds.  I know every year can't be like this one, and it will hold a special place in my heart for the rest of my journey with Duchenne.

With so many people on our side and in our corner, I have no doubts about how Little and I will be able to walk this path.  Every night, when I pray with him before bed, I thank God for all of the people who love us and support us and I ask Him to let all of you know how much you are appreciated through my actions.  I fail, miserably and often, but I hope that even when I'm being a snot, you all know just how much I genuinely appreciate you.  I wrote a note of thanks to my congregation that my preacher read from the pulpit.  Since all of Little's League doesn't attend my church, I want to share an amended version of it here.  It's for all of you, not just my family at Barker's Mill.

I want to thank you all from the bottom of my heart.  You're outpouring of love and support for me and my son was never more evident to me than at this year's Muscle Walk.  To the 48 of you who showed up to walk for Andrew, I am humbled and blessed to call you our League.  When the cure for my son is finally discovered, it will be because of you.  Thank you.


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