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Little's Life

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Muscle Walks and a Talent Show

So our 2013 winter/spring season of fundraising has finally come to a close.  In early March, we had our annual MDA Muscle Walk in Arkansas.  We raised $2630!!!!!!!  WAY past our goal of $1500!  I just can't thank you guys enough for all the donations!  Little's League totally came through this year.

We shrunk in size a bit this year, but it sure didn't slow down our spirit!  Check out Little's sweet ride during the Victory Lap!

That's my dad, for those of you wondering.

Our youngest team member turned 2 that day, so we celebrated with cupcakes.

Little Boy's always in the spotlight.  He knows exactly what he's supposed to do in front of that banner.

The MDA crew

And because.......well......putting Andrew on a horse is never not hilarious.

My mom couldn't take it and swooped in to rescue him.

Next up, we had Music City Muscle Walk (Nashville).  We couldn't actually attend since it was the same day as Little Rock's, so I worked with the chapter there and found a way to keep our team registered but donate late.  For that, the incredible students at Montgomery Central High School in Cunningham, TN devoted their annual Talent Show for charity to Andrew and Duchenne - for the second year in a row!  These teens are so amazing!!!!!!!  They can pick any charity they want, so for them to pick MDA again just blew my mind.  Thanks to these students, we got to send $800 to MDA Nashville!  That's the exact amount of money it takes to send one child to MDA's summer camp.  So the money will either sponsor a child with DMD for summer camp, or go to DMD research.

Here are some highlights from this year's crop of talent:

Jack Roney

Haleigh Smith

And the winner, Madelyn Pulley

 Little and his girlfriend, Littler (who is actually older than he is!) getting cozy to watch the show.

Our "check" for $800 - which all came from donations at the door.

All of the participants and the student directors and emcees with Andrew and his big check.

Thank you again to Bailey McMahan, Lauren Ritter, Maggie & Scott Davis, and the MCHS NHS for putting this on and letting us be a part of it.  We were truly honored.

So that makes a total of $3430.00 that Little's League raised for MDA this time!!!!!!!!!!!

Our Little's Leaguer of the week:  Wayne Pinckley!  Wayne is a member of our church, Barker's Mill Church of Christ, adores Andrew, and has been known to make me cry like a fool a time or two.  :)  This photo is from an old timey play date our tots had at church a few weeks ago.  I don't think you can usually find him on an itty bitty trike, but then again.......I don't really know what he does in his spare time.  ;p

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