Little's Life

Little's Life

Thursday, January 10, 2013

Video Time

It's been a while since I posted videos of the little guy, so I thought I'd just show you what he's been up to.

He is walking like a champ these days - when he gets excited, he loses his balance and has to grab the wall a bit, as you'll see in this one, but he's got some speed!  He also shows off his mad "jumping" skills.

Here, he breaks it down to the musical stylings of a singing moose, courtesy of his aunt and uncle.  The moose lives at Grandma's house.  Forever.

Part 2 may be even funnier than part 1

Here he has a little fun with Dad in post lodging at Ft Lostinthewoods during the few hours where none of us had the Death Virus a few months ago.

And this one speaks for itself....

I may have posted this one already, or maybe just on Facebook, but this is what he and his girlfriend were up to during church a few weeks ago.

Found someone he knew on tv!

And here he is completely misunderstanding how to play with a kitten.

This blog's featured Little's Leaguer is Kade!  Thank you for your support, Cutie!

And don't forget to donate to Little's League for MDA's Muscle Walk 2013!


  1. Love watching videos of that little man!

  2. Lovely videos, it makes me so happy to see your Little Man walking and being such a trooper. Such a cutie.