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Little's Life

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Instead of the NICU

we spent the first few days of July in pain at home.  Yup, Little cutting molars and me with a migraine.  Hooray for us.  July 1-3 is just not our time of year.  But I'll take pain at home over pain paired with fear that your son might not make it through the holiday ANY TIME.

I am in the process of switching meds again and I guess a migraine saw its chance to slip in real quick.  Third different medicine in 8 months.  Fingers crossed this one works - 3rd times the charm, right? So instead of pacing concrete floors this year, I strapped a bag of freezer gel to my head, ate Maxalt, rocked a toddler who was none too happy about teething, and sketched out a logo for a fellow Duchenne family.

Christy is the mother of a 3 year old named Peyton (oh yes, I said a 3 year old named Peyton) with DMD.  She was trying to find a design to use on t-shirts for him when she came across my online store, Geronimo Gifts.  She e-mailed me about using my Little's League logo (which is in the process of being copywrited, so hands off!) but that is not up for others to use.  I offered to help her come up with her own design and shot her a bunch of questions about her son and his likes so that it could be more personal, and that's when she told me he was 3 and named Peyton.  If you've been reading this blog for more than 6 months then you can guess what happened when I read that in the e-mail; my brain and heart imploded into mush and came flowing out my tear ducts.  Nice visual, eh?  I was already going to help her, but C'MON!!!!!!!!!!  A 3 YR OLD BOY NAMED PEYTON????  So I worked really hard on it.  Like really hard.  I even asked for help on facebook and luckily my friend Yavonda suggested "Peyton's Pack", which I loved instantly.  Whitney and Ashley, I loved ya'll's (is that right?  That is a ton of a'pos'tr'o'ph'e's') too, beeteedubs.

My first thought was 6 pack - like abs, but then it also goes with pack of supporters, so it was perfect for a DMD team name.  Peyton's favorite color is orange and I made him 2 versions of his logo, just in case he is ever into superheroes one day.

These are just my scratchy ole pencil sketches that have been saved to my computer, run off on an old printer then re-worked over with colored pencils, but you get the idea.  They have to be cleaned up before being printed on tee shirts.  My original Little's League logo was RoUgH.

Going with Isaiah 40:31 on the back, which I lurve.  
"but those who hope in the Lord
    will renew their strength.
They will soar on wings like eagles;     they will run and not grow weary,

    they will walk and not be faint."    
It was in the running for my shirt until Jesus Loves Me popped in my head.  It just sends a surge through my heart every time I read it - like the Lord is telling me to just hang on, it'll all be alright for Andrew one day.  If we just trust in Him through this life, He'll make Andrew whole for eternity.  Oh poop.  I'm crying.

So speaking of tee shirts, I am going to place another order of Little's League shirts as a fund raiser for this year's MDA Labor Day Telethon.  It is only 2 short months away, so let me know if you want one!  As always, you can tell me your order here, send me an e-mail to, or hit me on facebook.  The shirts will be $15.00 each and as of right now come in Youth SML and Adult SMLXLXXLXXXL. And, as last time, you can snail mail me the money, hand it to me or a member of my family, or use the donate button on the right hand side of this blog.   I am searching for a company who can do toddler sizes for as cheap as the company who printed them up for me last time so if I can find one, I will let ya'll know.  *Susan, do you remember who did the Stella shirts?*  I wrote it down somewhere but it is long gone.  The shirts are a few dollars extra this time bc I am splitting the proceeds between MDA and Little's Fund.  Also, I'm changing the color so if you ordered one earlier this year but want to help us out again, you can buy a new one!  I think I'll change the color every single time I place an order.  I am kind of feeling orange, thanks to the past week of sketching out Peyton's Pack but I am open to any color that is non girly so if you want to suggest one, feel free!

6:00 is what we call Happy Hour or The Magic Hour in our house.  It is the time when, no matter if he's cutting molars or been angry at the world all day, some kind of giddiness takes over in him.  Here's Happy Hour from Sunday.

Oh, and check out this amazeballs anniversary gift Mister got me for our 7th wedding anniversary -

Happy Fourth of July!!!!!

Our featured Little's League member for this post is Laura!

And now I am officially OUT of Little's League member photos!!!!!  So get me your photo in your shirt so I can feauture you here and show you how much Mister, Little, and I appreciate your support!  E-mail it to me at or facebook it to me!  Don't have a Little's League shirt?  You're in luck, I'm taking orders now!!!!!

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