Little's Life

Little's Life

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Opinions, please!

I need your help!  Little and I have a few events coming up in the next year, so I've been working on his logo.  This will be the one constant design on all of his t-shirts, signs, buttons, etc that we use for Duchenne related appearances.  We'll be outfitting a whole team of folks in March for the PPMD's Run for our Sons event during the Little Rock marathon and we've been asked to appear on local broadcasting spot during the MDA Labor Day telethon in Little Rock for 2012, just to name a few (don't we sound famous?  Ha!).

I want a design that can go on many colors of tee shirts, that's why they are mainly just in black.    The motto for MDA is "make a muscle, make a difference" and that is why I've gone with a flexed bicep.  The DMD support ribbon is a lovely shade of lime green, as all the good colors have been taken by the more well known diseases (darn you, Lance Armstrong).  So there's the explanation for why I used the elements that I did.

What I would like from you, is to know which one you like best.  I'll add the photos here and I'd like you all to use the embedded poll to vote for your favorite.  Yes, they are a bit rough - I am not an artist, I did my best.  The final product will be given to a graphic artist who will make a presentable (and screen printable) version of it that I will have up for sale on products on my cafe press site.

So scroll on down and vote!  Feel free to leave me a comment explaining why you chose whichever design you did.

I've been working on designs for about 3 months and I've come up with quite a few that I thought were fantastic and Mister thought were garbage.  Pbbbbbbbbt.  So here are 5 that Mister didn't turn his nose up at.  Why yes, I did end that sentence with a preposition.  You can click on each picture to see a larger version.






Thank you all for your input!  I'll post the winning design once it's received some touch-ups from a professional. :)


  1. Just the initials looks cleaner and the holding of the ribbon is a must.

  2. I agree ATP with the ribbon does look cleaner and because it is simpler I feel it is more powerful.

  3. I really like Andrew with the ribbon. Ribbon is important for its purpose, and his whole name just looks good ;)!

  4. Andrew holding the ribbon pretty much says it all but in graphics. I would suggest putting your motto "make a muscle, make a difference" somewhere on the shirt as well. Perhaps under the arm in smaller writing or on the sleeve cuff with the main design on the front. I think these are all really good. You have done a great job.