Little's Life

Little's Life

Saturday, August 13, 2011

A pbbbbbbbbbbbt and a yay

First off, eww.  There it is in writing. 

Just click on it to view it in a readable size.

It's quite sobering to see it on paper. But knowing where Andrew's mutation lies and in what form will help pinpoint what clinical trials he will be eligible for and what therapies will be of use to him one day (once they are discovered). So far, the only treatment out there is Prednisone, a thank you. The last thing I need are 'roid rages from a teenager in a wheel chair.

So on to the "yay" portion of today's blog ~ actually there are two! The first is that Andrew balanced in a standing position for a few seconds today!!!!

The second is that he is finally strong enough to pull himself up to stand!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! He turns 19 months old in 2 days, to put into perspective to you just how relieved we are that this happened. He was on the floor playing with his toys and I was completely transfixed on the awesomely bad 1980 movie, Xanadu, when I heard him asking me for his blocks. His blocks that are inside the toy box. His blocks that are inside the toy box that he cannot see into unless he is standing. I actually had to ask Sam if he came in the room and helped Andrew up. So I grabbed the FlipCam and set him back down on his bum, so this is actually his second pull-up since neither of us witnessed the 1st one (darn it).

So, twas a very big day for my Little.  And yeah, I said "twas".
And here's a third video just bc I think it's uber cute.


  1. LOVE IT! So excited for yall! He is crawling around like a pro now!

  2. DMD is no joke. I have a friend whose baby boy was diagnosed three years ago. He is still in OT and PT and speech therapy, but he's a happy healthy four year old now. I am a new follower and used to be around CinChouse and such and I remember you :)