Little's Life

Little's Life

Friday, April 15, 2011

"Party Dinosaur"

Supination: the inward rolling of the ankle; turning the soles of ones feet in toward each other TOOOOOOOOTALLY gets it from Sam. Tot had his appointment with a pediatric orthopedist this morning. Doc was very quick - almost dismissive. He stood Andrew up and touched his feet a few times then said, "Eh.....I don't think he needs much....I mean if she [phys. therapist] wants him to use them then I don't mind it. Come back in a year." And that was it - the whole appointment took about 25 seconds. So it sounds like Ortho Doc doesn't think he'll be in the leg braces for long, which is great news! We went down to the Brace Shop in the dungeon of BACH where the team took fiberglass casts of Andrew's feet and legs up to the knee and placed the order for 3.5 D.A.F.O.s that will be here in about 3 weeks. They are SO much cooler than the Forest Gump braces I had in mind. They will be light blue foam on the inside
, royal blue velcro straps , and "party dinosaur" print on the outside. I held out 2 prints

and asked which one Tot wanted and he grabbed the dinosaurs, so if they look silly, it's his own fault. HA! Step 1 - the "sock", bendy tube, and electrical tape
Step 2: fiberglass wrap

Step 3: cut off fiberglass after it sets with large bent scissors and box cutter with a hooked blade

Funny guy swore he'd only cut off 3 toes in his 17 years of casting feet....

baby legs!
He did SO great! He ate Gerber Cheetohs and never fussed once while they were casting him. In fact, he didn't cry until I picked him up to leave!

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