Little's Life

Little's Life

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

4 months

I know, I's been over a month since I wrote. *hangs head in shame* But I've been away ~ I took Tot to Arkansas for 3 weeks. It was great! During that time, Tot learned to grab his rings that hang from his play mat by himself, started mimicing people's expressions, he holds his head up like a champ, laughs, and tells stories. He's so friggin' cute when he 'talks'. He purses his lips together and makes MMMMM and BBBBUH noises and all the vowels. It's SO adorable!
On the trip from KY to AR, I had to stop at random places to change Little's diaper and feed him. The first place we stopped was at a gas station in Paris, TN. I had to change his diaper on a tanning bed (yup, a tanning bed) bc the bathroom was too small to get into with his car seat. When I left there and continued on HWY 79, I only made it about 3 miles before the interstate was closed.................FOR A PARADE. A frickin' parade! Who closes down the highway for a Fish Fry Day parade?????????????? Paris, Tennessee, that's who. Took me almost half an hour to get through the city when it should have taken me about 8 minutes. The next place we stopped was at a Shell station in Germantown, TN. There was a donut shop connected to it so I figured I'd change his diaper in the bathroom of the Shell then head over to the donut shop to feed him. When I rounded the corner, I noticed the shop was closed. They weren't opening for another week. I must have looked pretty disappointed bc the owner opened the door for me and told me to come on in. I told him I was just looking for a place to feed my baby before we got back in the car and he asked where I was going.
"We're heading to Little Rock from Fort Campbell"
"Little Rock? I grew up in Little Rock! Come on in!"
He then told me he has a daughter at the U of A and chatted my ear off the whole 40 minutes we were in there (Tot took his sweet time on that bottle). In fact, work stopped all together as every employee in there came out and sat down to talk to us. I was floored that these strangers were so nice to me and welcomed us into thier store even though they were closed.
I decided to let them know how much I appreciated them, so I bought a really nice Razorback coffee mug (donuts and coffee, right?) and took it there with a card Monday when I returned home. They recognized me right away and were super nice again. They even sent me off with a bag of free donuts! So here's my plug for them:
HARPOW'S DONUTS IN GERMANTOWN, TN!!!!!!!!!! Exit 25 off of I40 - next to the Shell station. Revelees, In-laws, parents, and friends - when traveling to/from Ar, make that a stop on your route!!!!

And commercial over. lol
I'll tell you about the rest our trip via pictures:

First time in the Bumbo didn't go over too well.

Napping on G-Maw's "bodacious ta-ta pillows"......sigh.

Talking with Mister

At the Old Folk's Home. Don't tell Mamaw I put a picture of her up without her hair done.
Meeting Pappy

Meeting Gigi, Mitchell, Beemy, and SB

Happy Birthday, D!

With Didi

meeting Scott

He dug his Pappy
Swinging with Gran

2nd time in a Bumbo - head is still lagging behind him but getting better

Ashley and TeenyTiny


Mother's Day
Wasting time waiting on my Mom's "surprise present" to arrive

The best part about this picture is actually the woman in the background........

Think she had any idea I had flown my brother in for her present?

Meeting Uncle Brian!

Family photos of our first Mother's Day

Aaaaaaaaaaaand success! Holding his head up while finding his feet!

Watching cartoons with Grandpa

meeting Jacob


Grandma makes silly faces

On my birthday :) Lauren made this blanket for him - isn't it fantastic?!?! I LOVE IT!

All smiles once he was done with the car - 5.5 hour car trips take 8 when you have to stop every 2.5 hours for a bottle.

Day after we got home was Tot's 4 month dr's visit. He's 13.15 pounds and 25.5" long. That puts him at the 50th percentile for height and the 25th percentile for weight. So all of you who exclaimed, "Wow, he's BIG!" upon meeting him can suck it. Okay that did nothing but make me feel better since all who said that were strangers who will never read this blog. When Tot was born, he was in the 90th for height and at 2 months he was in the 95th - seems his time in the Tall People Crowd is over. Sure didn't last long. HAHAHAHA!

For those who were wondering - Doc said his indentation of his left ribcage seems to be healing itself and is almost symmetrical with his right one and his left clavical doesn't show any sign of trauma anymore. :) :) :) He took his shots like a champ, too.

Congratulations are in order for Jordan and Kaitlynn on the birth of thier baby angel, Annabelle Jean!!!!!!!!


She was just 3 hours over being born on my birthday!


Hopeful Donut of Misery: 34% done, 66% to go

Realistic Donut of Misery: 26% done, 74% to go

Wouldn't it be nice to know when he's coming home? Oh well, we're atleast 1/4 done with this deployment!!!!!!!!

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  1. If I ever find myself in the area, I will hit up the Harpow's Donuts for sure!

    The pic of him in the bumbo for the first time CRACKS me up!! Awesome post :-)