Little's Life

Little's Life

Thursday, October 22, 2009

"It's The Fiiinal Coooouuntdooooooooown"

To the 80% of you reading this who will now have that song stuck in their head for the next 3 hours, "You're welcome".

So today is my last official day of the 2nd trimester. Yup, I am on the last day of my 27th week. Tomorrow I begin day 1 of week 28 - day 1 of month #8 - day 1 of the 3rd Trimester. The past 7 months have absolutely flown by. I don't feel like I've been pregnant that long! I attribute it to how easy my pregnancy's been. I've had to go in to L&D once for a dilated right kidney, had a 3 day long migraine, and I've had 2 days of round-lig pain that was severe enough to restrict me to the couch but THAT'S IT. In 7 months, I've been knocked out of commission for a grand total of about 87 hours. That's less than 4 days. Of course, I've probably just jinxed myself and will spend the next 2 weeks on the couch with a combo of whatever pregnancy related pain is waiting in the wings but to close out 2 trimesters of pregnancy with only 4 days of rotteness? Heck yeah! I've truly been blessed and I pray that God continues to walk me through the final 3 months on the same bunny trail He's led me down so far.

Up next for me and the tot:
~Doc appt on Monday morning that includes needles and bloodwork and a sugary concoction that I will choke down at 9 a.m. to see if I'm on the road to Gestational Diabetes (not worried).
~Baby shower at Diane's on Nov 7th. I'll be at it sans the Mister bc the Army has other plans for him that week. His birthday also falls that week so it will be the 4th one out of the 6 he's had in the Army that we will be apart for. I'm going to head to AR on the 2nd or 3rd and hang out there til the following Monday. I don't know if I'll make it up to the NW corner or not so if you are going to be in the LR area that week or weekend, let me know!
~Final ultrasound at 4dPeek! This one will give us a glimpse into what Andrew will look like when he arrives bc his face will be pretty filled out and he'll have put on some weight. I'll get some really cool pictures out of it, too. I need to schedule that.
~Turkey Day! My side of the family is coming up to spend the holiday with us. I'll get to see my brother for the first time since......umm.....when did I see him last? October of 2007? Maybe it was Christmas 2007. WOW. I didn't realize it had been that long.


  1. Wow, I'm very glad I found your blog. I am also pregnant with a boy and seems like on the same schedule as you to the day! I am starting week 28 tomorrow (although I did the glucose test and my bloodwork today!)

    All the best with the last bit of your pregnancy!

  2. sadly you can expect more round ligament pains and braxton hicks contractions to start in this trimester... but just think.... only 3 short months till your holding your sweet baby boy and he is longer pushing your guts up in your throat!!! Score!!!! I really hope you can find away to make it up to the hill!!!! I need to see that belly in person!!!

  3. Braxton Hicks started weeks ago. They wake me up at night. The first time it happened scared the mess out of me!