Little's Life

Little's Life

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

From 0 to 20 in 6 months

So today was my 24 week (6 months) appt. I can tell Andrew's grown quite a bit in the last 2 months based on my new profile and the fact that only 2 pair of my pre-pregnancy jeans pull on past my thighs but BOY was I thrown for a loop when the magic numbers appeared on the scale today. Before I hopped on, I told the nurse, "I'm gonna guess 131" - that was about 2 more pounds than I was really hoping for but since I gained 6 pounds the month before, I thought I'd guess on the high side. ......................................I didn't.
I weighed
((((ready for this???))))
That's a 9 pound gain from last month! I didn't think it was even possible to gain 9 pounds in a month! At my 4 month checkup, I had only gained 5 pounds. In the 8 weeks since then, I've packed on 15 more. GREAT GOOGLY MOOGLY! I've gained 20 pounds already and I've still got up to 4 months to go. At this rate I will weigh 175lbs and birth a 42 lb baby. My Midwife actually handed me a flyer to one of the gyms on post and told me I might think about giving them a call. . . .sigh. Ok, in my defense, the gym has been closed for a month and won't re-open til Nov 1st. Until it closed, I was going twice a week and doing yoga 3xs a week. Apparently that's what was keeping my weight gain below average. Because I haven't changed the way I've been eating. I'm not a fast food person - I have it maybe twice a month. I cook dinner just about every night. Yes, I eat sweets, but I've always eaten sweets, so that's not new. UGH! Oh and when I told Midwife that my original goal was to not outweigh my husband she laughed and said, "Yeah well that's probably going to happen. You should just get used to that now." I almost fell off the exam table. HILARIOUS! I am so glad I have a midwife with a sense of humor. As horrified as I was at literally blowing up in the last 2 months, Midwife had me cracking up the entire time I was there.

The good news is that weight gain is at its worst during the end of the 2nd trimester, which is where I'm at right now. About a month from now, my belly will still expand and Andrew will gain weight but my overall gain should slow. Midwife said that people who start off with a height/weight/BMI like I did can gain about 35-40 pounds without it being considered excessive.So I'm not "excessive" yet but I am well on my way.
Guess what I'm doing tomorrow? Yup, finding a new gym or walking outside now that it's below 70 in the mornings/evenings.
So here's what a 135lb, 6 months pregnant Katherine looks like.

Oh, you wanted to see the belly. My bad. But isn't my new camera wonderful?! Canon Rebel XTI!

So I've definitely got a kid in that belly, but I don't think I look fat. And if you think I do then you can kindly keep it to yourself (Christie). ;)

In other news, I've finished painting the nursery finally! It took an entire week thanks to a 3 day migraine, several trips to Sherwin Williams, and a husband who refused to lift a paint brush. Yup, that's right ladies and gentlemen, Samuel T did not place one drop of paint on his son's walls, he made his very pregnant wife do it all by herself. I even had to paint inside the closet bc it was mint green (now it's white). Yes Mom, Brooke, Sherry, and Mamaw, I did wear a mask. Sam had one in his crime scene bag - it was attractive, let me tell ya! The design came out exactly like I'd pictured it. I'm really excited with how it turned out! I will absolutely NEVER paint without Gran ever again, though. If she can't come then we're hiring someone local. I still need to get a little table to go next to the recliner, which I slipcovered so the year of baby barf wouldn't ruin it, a lamp, and a closet system (a bookcase or some other form of shelving). I also have to add the letters, put up shelves, and put together all the furniture. Maybe Mister will actually help me out on this part... pictures once it's finally done!


  1. YOU LOOK WONDERFUL!!!!!!! I wish I could see you in person! And sadly, yes you might weigh more than Sam in the end, but hey.... you have a human being inside of you... and he is just full of .... well you know ;)

  2. I gained 29lbs...of course, I had more fat storage than you to begin with. You're doing GREAT. Seriously, DO NOT worry about it; weight gain should be the furthest thing from your mind right now. If you breastfeed, you will loose it FAST!
    Aren't you enjoying how people let you cut in line (especially at the buffet) since you started showing? You definitely get special treatment.